What it really takes to succeed in law school

First, you must define what you mean by success. Does success mean getting good grades? Does success mean passing all your classes? Does success mean having a balanced life? Does success mean finding your soul-mate? Let’s face it, we all go to law school for different reasons. Some of us go to law school right out of college, some of us have a parent or a relative that is a lawyer. Some of us have watched the glamorization of lawyers on television. Some of us want the glitz and the glory. Some of us want to truly help people. The LawExams.com program has one goal in mind. That goal is to enable you to place in the top of your class after your first year of law school. That’s it. That is our goal and that’s all want to do.

How do we do it?

Intuitively, one would think that they have to know all facets of their case books and lectures to succeed in law school. However, this is simply not correct. In order to succeed in law school, you just need to do better than everyone else in your class. Everyone studies the same case books and attends the same lectures. So why do some people do better than others? We believe that it all fundamentally comes down to practice and execution. Some law students also incorporate in their answers, certain “buzz” words that are just not clearly spelled out in the case books and lectures. The LawExams.com program gives you these “buzz” words. Additionally, our teaching hypotheticals are a fun and easy way to remember and learn the law. Finally our practice examinations are intended to simulate your real examinations and encompass the topics/subjects that you are most likely to be tested about. A word about your competition.

Who is your competition?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is your fellow classmates. Remember, to do well in law school, you do not have to know every facet of the law, you just have to know more than your fellow classmates. Why is this important? It is important because most law students are inherently competitive. We are not saying that you are not going to meet lifelong friends at law school. We mention this because if you remember the LawExams.com goal, (i.e., enable you to place in the top of your class), the same cannot be said of your fellow classmates.

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