Study Habits

During your first year of law school, you will basically be studying six (6) core subjects. These are (in alphabetical order), civil procedure, constitutional law, contracts, criminal law, property, and torts. We have formulated the following tips to help you learn these six (6) core subjects.

Although these basic tips are applicable to anything that you may learn, expands upon each of these principals:

1. Recognize your learning style – there are two basic methods of learning. One method is visual, i.e., you see something and you remember it. Another method of learning is auditory, i.e., when you hear something, you remember it.

2. Involve as many senses as possible – many of you are familiar with the five sense, i.e., sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Although sight and hearing are the two most common ways of learning, consider involving your senses of smell, taste, and touch as well.

3. Organize and compartmentalize the information – Although you will be learning six (6) core subjects. The amount of information you need to know per subject can be daunting. The key is compartmentalizing the information so that you can retrieve it when necessary.

4. Relate the law to what you already know – what do you like to read? what do you like to do? what kind of movies do you like? Think of your favorite fictional/nonfictional characters (or use ours) as you work through the teaching hypotheticals.

5. Have a positive attitude – the world is full of negative people, do not be one of them.

6. Rehearse and practice – after you have acquired the necessary information through steps 1 through 5, you need to rehearse and practice.

The key to doing well in law school is execution. Think of yourself as a professional athlete who will spend 15 weeks practicing before the championship match.

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