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Knowing the Law is Not Good Enough

LawExams.com is not a monotonous rehash of everything you are learning in school. If you are looking for an enormous case book or a thick commercial outline you have come to the wrong place.

There is a difference between classroom performance and test performance. How smart you appear in class will simply not help your final grade.

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We are so confident of our study materials that we guarantee that you finish your first year of law school in the top half of your class!

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With our study guides, elemental reviews, practice exams and flashcards you can concentrate on what you need to know. Focusing on the test and the elemental points of law will direct your study efforts to obtaining the maximum number of points on your final exam.

The reason some test takers do well on test day is that they have made the critical connection between the material they learned and how to apply that material to an essay exam. Our course will help make that connection.